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A Structural Change

The former internal structure of SCOPE changed from a study track-based strucutre to a more clear and transparent structure that reflects SCOPE's three main pillars: Career, Academic and Social.


Intergration of the Emerging Markets Pillar

In January 2018, the former study initiative "Emerge" became part of SCOPE in form of an additional pillar. Since January, SCOPE also offers events in the study field Emerging Markets, which is a study track at the School of Business and Economics since 2015.


The Final SCOPE Merger

In January 2017, the board of the former study associations SCOPE | Economics, SCOPE | 3MA, SCOPE | Focus and SCOPE Maastricht announced the merger of all study associations to one, new SCOPE Maastricht. The merger was initiated to improve internal structures and communication and avoid any financial inefficiencies. 


SCOPE Maastricht as the Overarching Organization

SCOPE Maastricht was the overarching association that included four daughter associations: SCOPE | FOCUS dedicated to Finance, Accounting and Controlling; SCOPE | 3MA, dedicated to Marketing, Supply Chain, IT Management and Consultancy; SCOPE | Economics, dedicated to Economics students; and SCOPE | Vectum remained dedicated to Econometrics and Operations Research. 


Birth of the SCOPE Framework

In 2011, the former study associations EFM Academy and FAME merged to SCOPE Maastricht. The new SCOPE framework was born, with SCOPE Maastricht as an umbrella association of SCOPE | Economics, SCOPE | Focus, SCOPE | 3MA and SCOPE | Vectum. 


Fame as an Umbrella Organization

Fame was created as an ubrella for FS focus, 3MA, IES Network, and Vectum. EFM Academy remained separate at this time. 


More Study Associations Emerge in Maastricht

Future became FS Focus. It stood alongside 3MA, Vectum, EFM Academy (a descendant of EFM Alfa and EFM Imperator) and IES Network (which was dedicated to economics students). 


Formation of EFM Academy

In 2002, EFM academy was formed through a merger of the two study associations EFM Alfa and EFM Imperator. These associations focused on Dutch and international students of the SBE respectively. After the merger, EFM academy focused on first and second-year students in the B.Sc. programs International Business and Economics.


SCOPE Vectum was Created

In 1994, the study association for Econometrics students, SCOPE Vectum was created.


Another Merger

EFM Alfa and EFM Imperator, respectively the study associations for Economics and International Business students, merged to become the FAM. Over the years, SIGMA and FAM merged to become the associations Future. 


Two Associations Merge

Once upon a Time there were two associations at the School of Business and Economics: The Student Investment Group Maastricht (SIGMA) and BeMa-X, a study club. In that year, the two associations decided to join forces and merged into a new association, SiGMA.