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What is SCOPE Maastricht?

SCOPE is the official study association of the School of Business and Economics. It is also the second largest study association in Europe, counting over 5000 members. 

What is SCOPE Maastricht all about?

Its purpose is to bridge the gap between business, academia, social life, and the students of the School of Business and Economics. SCOPE's goal with all events and trips is to enrich the student life personally and professionally.

What is the Career pillar doing?

Being the strongest intermediary between the student population and potential future employers, SCOPE Maastricht is connecting students and businesses. Due to its extensive collaboration with a multitude of international and multinational enterprises, the association can provide students with a wide variety of career events and establishes an exclusive recruitment platform to the benefit of all parties involved.

If you have any questions regarding the career pillar, feel free to email

What is the Development pillar doing?

The newest addition to our pillars and is aimed to further develop the association and to host events and trips for students before and after their graduation. In this pillar you find a diverse set of committees like the Sustainability committee, IT committee, Alumni committee, Acquisition committee, Sustainable Business Trip committee, Volunteering Trip committee, the Marketing Graphic Design committee and the Marketing Public Relations committee. 

For any questions regarding the development pillar, feel free to email

What is the Academic pillar doing?

SCOPE Maastricht’s purpose is to academically support the student population in the best way possible and to provide career orientation in all study fields. Hence, they are exposed to relevant topics both linked to and outside of their respective study programmes, stimulating further personal growth and development. 

If you have any academic-related questions, feel free to email

What is the Social Pillar doing?

As the biggest study association in Maastricht, SCOPE plays an important part within the student life in Maastricht and hosts multiple events throughout the year. They range from complex and boat parties, to a spring break and a ski trip as well as multiple internal events for our active members and general members events for our passive members.

For any questions about the social pillar feel free to email

How can I be part of SCOPE?

To enjoy all of SCOPE's benefits, discounts and events you need to be a passive member (click here) and join the network of approximately 5000 students.

If you want to be part of the SCOPE community and organise and plan SCOPE's parties, events and trips you should become one out of 150 active members. Application periods are September and February!

Do you have what it takes to manage an association of the size of SCOPE then join the association as a full-time board member and together with your board colleagues you will get amazing opportunities to develop your skills, manage the association and organise awesome events.