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Symposium - Living in an unstable world

Symposium 23

For several years now, the annual SCOPE Symposium has become a tradition. It is an exciting full-day event that takes place on November 15th, where speakers and company representatives from various industries and disciplines come together to discuss contemporary topics related to innovation that will shape our future.

This year's event, themed "Unstable world: How to seize its opportunities," seeks to inspire you with interesting speeches about seizing opportunities and innovation in today's world. Along with that, there will be various workshops where you can play an active role in finding ways to encourage innovation and opportunity.*

The objective of the event is to stimulate your creativity and help you discover your future career path. The symposium will also explore how much a company should involve the entire organization in innovation activities. Moreover, you will attend a self-development fair, where you can get your CV picture taken, your LinkedIn profile and motivation letters checked, meet startup founders, and much more.**

We offer you the unique opportunity to join this breathtaking event: the Symposium 2023. You will get to meet other students, famous speakers and company representatives and discuss the future of innovation in our fast-developing world!

Moreover, you can join our career fair, where you can take a CV picture, get your CV checked, meet Maastricht entrepreneurs, and more! ***


* When filling in the form, if some activities do not appear, it means that the maximum capacity has been reached, and registrations are now closed for that specific activity.

** In case you have tutorials to attend, you have the possibility to momentary leave the event. 

*** Lunch and drinks are provided during the event