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Frankfurt Banking Tour

SCOPE Maastricht is thrilled to announce the Frankfurt Banking Tour 2023, where 26 motivated students will have the chance to visit and experience the world of Corporate Finance, M&A, and Investment Banking in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt Banking Tour 2023 will include company visits with interactive workshops, exciting presentations, and the possibility to enjoy the professional and social aspects of life in Frankfurt. This unique experience will allow you to merge the benefits of visiting a beautiful city with the opportunity to widen your horizons.

With other students from Maastricht University, you will have the chance to network with skilled professionals and create new meaningful connections with your peers, former Maastricht students, and experts in Corporate Finance, M&A, and Investment Banking in Frankfurt.

We will take care of the transportation to Frankfurt, accommodation, breakfast, company visits, and other activities!

To apply, simply prepare your CV. Registration opens on the (02.10.2023) and closes on the (15.10.2023). In case you have any questions please send an e-mail to Please see that the participating companies will get to choose the participants of this trip.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!


When and where is the Trip?

Frankfurt, Germany from 14.11 -18.11.2023

Which companies are we visiting?

The companies will be announced shortly.

All companies will focus the visits on Corporate Finance, M&A, and Investment Banking in Frankfurt.

What will be the main activities?

  • Company visits
  • Alumni event
  • Closing dinner

How can you apply?

  • Upload your CV

Participation fee €:

  • 75€ for SCOPE members (active and passive members)

Make sure to become a passive member as soon as possible

  • 150€ for NON-SCOPE members