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Volunteering Trip

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The humanitarian trip to Marrakech in Morocco is the ideal stay for those who love human contact and want to live a unique experience. Indeed, no more interactive board and university benches, it's time to get some fresh air and put your energy into a good cause: help a community of orphaned children.
On this trip, you will be in contact with locals, travelers from all over the world, and members of a local team responsible for the place. Different people with whom volunteers will be able to communicate throughout their stay. Since humanitarian projects are rarely organized in the city center or tourist areas of the country, they will also have the opportunity to discover unique landscapes and regions, sometimes even unknown to Moroccans!
In other words, participating in this trip allows them to become aware of the issues of the host country and to meet people from completely different backgrounds and cultures.

The humanitarian trip will take place from the 10th until the 19th of July (including the travelling time). The participants will be divided in 2 groups. When one group in volunteering with the children, the other group will have some free time to discover the secrets of Marrakesh. During this 'free time', participants will have the opportunity to acquire a cultural understanding of the country and get acquainted with the local culture and language. 
The other group which will be volunteering at this time,  will have the opportunity to take care of children between a few days old to thirteen years old. The village includes a nursery, a stable, a school, a medical centre, and a play park. Therefore, all the participants will be dispatched according to a specific schedule to the different possible working locations.
Despite doing something good for children, this trip will also result in a lot of fun :))