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Finance, Accounting and Controlling Tour

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Finance, Accounting and Controlling Tour

The Finance, accounting and controlling tour is a well established tour in Düsseldorf where we visit big accounting companies such as KPMG or PwC. Last year, it was very popular amongst both students and companies. Your task is to acquire those companies as participants of the tour, promote the event at our faculty and organize the operational part for the tour such as transport and accommodation. This committee is perfect for all organizational talents wanting to learn how to work professionally!

Recruitment period - September 
Estimated average workload: 3/4 hours per week.
(The average workload is indicated as an estimate for you to have a better idea of which committees are more demanding. Yet, these estimations are subjective and depend on the period and on the person, so they are subject to change).


  • Peters, Claas

  • Faber

  • Luca Schäffer