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EU Institutions Day

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On the 30th of November 2020 the virtual EU Institutions Day took place. It focused on what is done in the EU institutions and what the career opportunities are in there for Maastricht Alumni. Students were given a lot of knowledge on how to get their foot in the door, how the application procedure looks like and what it is like to actually work for the European Union. All of our speakers provided the 18 participants with interactive presentations and meaningful insights from their daily work.

We were happy to welcome different employees from the European Commission and the European Parlament virtually in Maastricht.

From the European Commission Jiri Hladik and Anne-Clair paid us a visit and talked about their work in the Directorate-General for Communication and the Communities Personnel Selection Office.

Moreover, Alexander Schwan, a Maastricht Alumni and now the Policy Assistant to the Head of the Recovery and Resilience Task Force provided some interessting insights. 

Finally, Lisa Jacos, Assistant to UM Alumni, hold a workshop in the afternoon to finish the day off with information about her work as a member of the European Parliament.

All in all, the EU Institutions Day was a full success and students had the possibility to dive deeper into the work of the European Union and experience a virtual day in Brussels. Hopefully we can visit Brussels physcially again next year.

We want to thank Blair Blakeney, our academic commissioner, for organzing this event and making it a successfull day!