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Maastricht Business Days Autumn Edition 2020

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450 students and 28 companies. What an accomplishment! SCOPE Maastricht moved the biggest recruiting event in the South of the Netherlands to a successful online format!

The three-day event, taking place from the 25th until the 27th of November, was kicked off with a welcoming speech by the MBDA president Lena Thielmann, followed by presentations, workshops, Q&A sessions, student chats and a virtual booth. Among other companies About You, L’Oreal, Metronic, EY Luxembourg, Bloomberg and Inverto participated at the MBDA 2020 to recruit students for internships, trainee programs and fulltime positions. The participating students, coming from all business tracks, are mainly studying in their 3rd year bachelors or masters.

The virtual platform talentspace, which was used for this event, turned out not to be a perfect fit for SCOPE and its stakeholders. For the next Maastricht Business Day event in spring 2021, the platform hopin will be used, which already has been successful during the try-out session at this year's symposium.

The whole MBDA committee and the majority of the SCOPE board operated from the campus Tapijn to take care of all participating companies and students and react to any issues that might have occurred.

Especially in uncertain times like these, with a whole pandemic going on since the beginning of the year, it is more important than ever to invest in your future career, or in the case of companies, future talents.

We want to thank our MBDA committee members: Our president Lena, our externals: Frederick & Stacey, our operations team: Mrinal & Eva and our marketing responsible: Rieke for their hard work and all the late nights they have put into this recruiting event to make it a successful one. Without your passion the MBDAs would not have been possible this year. Also, a big thank you to our career commissioner Emilie for all what you have done to make this virtual event work. Addionally, we thank all our longterm partners that are joining our MBDs since a couple of years and did not make an exemption this year due to covid19 and our online format. We are glad that you have faith and trust in us and we highly value our partnerships with you. Furthermore, we were happy to welcome new companies to this event and hope we can establish long term relationships with you as well. Another thank you goes to all participating students. We hoped you liked this online version of the MBDA edition and are happy to welcome you again on the 3rd and 4th of March 2021!