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Entrepreneurship Week

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What is it like to be an entrepreneur? How do I start my own company? These and more questions were answered to our students during the first edition of our Entrepreneurship Week. The Start-Up Tour which was originally planned to go to Berlin was sadly cancelled due to covid19. 

On Monday evening, the kick off presentation was helt by Sebastian Sujka the founder and CEO of Xbird. The Berlin-based company is a provider of software solutions in the health sector. They use artifical intelligence to personalize therapies for better results. 

The 2nd day was filled by an introduction into the MVP Factory by Paul Schraven. The start-up from Berlin combines developers and designers with proprietary tools and artificial intelligence to make software development easy and transparent.

On the last day, Daniel Khachab from CHOCO explained how the ingredient ordering platform connects restaurants and suppliers with the goal to build a more sustainable supply chain and prevent the waste of food.

During the three days, 57 students in total participated and rated the event with a 4,66/5. All of the participants would join an event like this again.

A big thank you goes to our commitee members Zoé, Miriam and Niclas. Only you made it possible to move the original Berlin trip to a successfull online setting. We also thank our Marketing and Management Career Coordinator Nils and our career activities commissioner Emilie.