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SCOPE board goes to meet the other boards

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On November 23rd and 29th, the SCOPE board had their yearly FAN and MAN day. On these days, board members from associations from the FAN and MAN gather to get to know each other, talk about their association and do fun activities.


SCOPE is part of the Netherlands Financial Association (FAN) and the Netherlands Marketing Association (MAN). The FAN consists of finance and accounting oriented associations from Groningen (RISK), Tilburg (Asset | Accounting & Finance), Rotterdam (FSR), Amsterdam (FSA) and SCOPE Maastricht. The goal of the FAN is for financial associations across the Netherlands to work together and share knowledge and experience. The MAN consists of marketing associations from Groningen (MARUG), Tilburg (Asset | Marketing), Rotterdam (MAEUR), Amsterdam (MAA) and SCOPE Maastricht. The goal of the MAN is also to share knowledge between its members, but it also organizes an event.


On Saturday November 23 rd the majority of the board headed to Amsterdam for the FAN-day. In the train we talked about the Graduation Party and the MBD Autumn that took place the days before. Although everyone was very tired, we looked forward to meeting fellow students that also decided to take a board year. When we arrived at Bar Van Rijn where, we and 25 other students got a cocktail workshop. After we made and drink two cocktails everyone was in a good mood and the group moved to a small Italian restaurant where we could talk a bit more. We ended the night in a pub with a couple of beers and some sing-a-long Dutch music.


On Friday November 29th most of the board again headed to the north-west for a day or meeting board members from other study associations. This time we only had to go to Utrecht, so that saved some time in the train. We started the evening eating in a small Irish pub in the city center. After a nice meal we headed to the “Domplein” where our pub crawl / pub hunt started. We've got a list with clues and questions that would lead us to the next pub. During the quest or finding the next pub, we also had the task of swapping a yo-yo for a more expensive or crazier object. Ruby (our lovely internal commissioner) decided to ring the doorbell at the first house she saw. The guy who opened the door wanted to get rid of his old flat screen TV and took the opportunity. This due in a hilarious moment or the team carrying a big and heavy TV through Utrecht. Luckily, we found a student house were we could swap this TV for a full peanut butter jar. After this adventure we continued looking for pubs and drink some nice beers.

Both days were very nice for networking with other students that are not studying in the Netherlands. We discovered that there are a lot of similarities but also a lot of differences between SCOPE and other associations. Hopefully we can meet each other again and we certainly recommend the next board to organize these days again!