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The Maastricht Business Days - Autumn Edition 2019

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On the 20th, 21st and 22nd of November SCOPE Maastricht hosted the very first edition of the Maastricht Business Days.

The regular edition of the Maastricht Business Days occurs every year in spring, given the reputation and renowned success of the Maastricht Business Days brand the SCOPE Maastricht board of 2018/2019 decided to establish the Autumn edition.

The event was hosted on just outside of Maastricht, in Kasteel Vaeshartelt, a castle with rich history built in the middle ages. There was a bus shuttle that would transport attendees back and forth from Maastricht to the Kasteel.


On the morning of the Marketing, Sales, SCM and IT Management Day the first buses arrived with students, eager for the long and informative day ahead. The Maastricht Business Days were kicked off with a speech from the organising committee president, Gillian Bohle. The second speech that day was hosted by Andreas Barth and Mazen El-Bakri, both employed with Arvato Bertelsmann, a participating company. Following the speeches, students attended their morning activities, which was either a workshop or 20-minute student chat. Lunch was hosted in the large dining hall, it provided both students and recruiters a chance to discuss their first taste of what following two days would entail. After a hearty meal, recruiters finished setting up their booths for the infamous company fair. A bustling event tailored for all students, giving them the chance to talk to all companies attending the event that day. The day ended with networking drinks, a more relaxed setting for both students and recruiters to get to know each other in a more informal setting. A select few students had the chance to attend evening activities hosted by participating companies, another informal setting where companies could get to know possible recruits a little better.


The Consultancy day kicked off with an opening speech by Muhammed Meghji, a motivational speaker. The day followed a similar format as the day before, the morning activities, followed by a lunch, company fair, networking drinks and then the evening activities.


The Finance day was the final day of the Maastricht Business Days Autumn, a hectic day that began with a speech from Konstantin Kaufmann, an entrepreneur and alumni of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. The day schedule was the same as the days before. Once the last students and recruiters had left, the organising committee and SCOPE board cleaned up the remnants of the event, satisfied with how it had gone. The SCOPE Maastricht board would like to thank the organising committee, all companies who had joined as well as all the student participants. It was a successful three days and we hope to see everyone back at the Kasteel for the Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition in March!