Annual General Members Assembly 2018

Julia Robiné
16 August 2018

The 15th GMA in 2018 took place on June 29 in the lecture hall of the SBE with 57 people attending.

After the opening of the first half of the GMA, the minutes of the 14th GMA have been approved and the annual reports as well as the social report have been presented by the current board of SCOPE consisting of Gregor Eichler (President), Stefanie Gante (Secretary), Lionel Tonnon (Treasurer), Sander Timmermans (Career Commissioner/VP), Niklas Bonnmann (External Relations International), Koen van der Heijden (External Relations Netherlands), Kylen ten Hove (Academic Commissioner), Tycho Pulles (Community Commissioner) and Raquel Schroyen (Marketing Commissioner). Following the break, the annual financial statements were presented by the Treasuer. After some questions about the income statement, balance sheet, gains and losses, the financial statements have been voted upon and approved. 

Further, future investment opportunities have been presented by the president. One of them was the new membership option that will be offered from the academic year 2018/2019 onwards. In addition to the current membership option, students will get the opportunity to sign up for a lifetime memberhsip for 39,99€. During the GMA, there have been some questions about this new membership option, most of them concerned about whether students will perceive the new memberhsip as more valuable than the old one. The new membership option have been approved.

After the presentation of future investment opportunities, the proposed board made their declarations of intent. Following that, there has been a voting on the new board. The new board consisting of Sanne van Gorp (President), Julia Robiné (Secretary & IT-Manager), Martijn Balder (Treasurer), Sam Götschenberg (Career Activities Commissioner/VP), Puck Heuijerjans (Academic Activities Commissioner), Jasper Kijk in de Vegte (Marketing Commissioner), Charlotte Groenen (Community Activities Commissioner), Victoria Pfaff (External Relations Officer International) and Annemijn Bijlsma (External Relations Officer Netherlands), has been approved.

 Moreover, the new president of Sigma Investments Benedikt Busch has been voted upon and approved.

After thanking the old board and giving congratulations to the new board, the 15th GMA has been closed.