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Social Commissioner

My name is Claudia Zoutendijk and I am happy to be the Internal Commissioner of SCOPE Maastricht for the academic year 2022/23. I am 21 years old and currently in between my 2nd and 3rd year of the Bachelor of International Business. After two years as an active member of SCOPE, I loved the events and association so much that I decided to become part of the next board and contribute to the family that I have become part of.

As Social Commissioner I am responsible for organizing social events for both active and passive members. Those events range from big Complex parties to small internal integrations. You might have heard of the awesome Sunset party, Graduation party, or general member events such as Jumpsquare, the trip to the Aachen Christmas market, or the upcoming Ski trip. Besides giving back to our general members, I also organize a lot of active member events, such as themed bar nights, cantus’, and active member weekends, to begin with. All these events serve to create a community feeling within the members, and even a bigger family feeling within the active member community.

What I love about this position is the freedom to create new events, which lead to new experiences and memories! However, as a board member, you also have the responsibility to contribute to board matters and take responsibility for your events and help your fellow board members during their events. Being able to voice my opinion and help my fellow board members is another thing that I love about being in the board as such.

From day to day, I am in close contact with the social contacts we have, and with the committees in the social pillar which help organize those events alongside me. As social commissioner, you also work on different online platforms and are often creatively thinking about how to improve current events or create new events.

Overall, I am pleased to be able to fulfill this position, and I would recommend the position of Social Commissioner and becoming a board member to anyone. If you are interested and think you have it in you to become the next Social Commissioner, do not hesitate to contact me ( for any questions or if you want to have a chat with me!