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Secretary & Development Commissioner

Hello, my name is Til Kleinertz and I'm the Secretary and IT Manager of SCOPE Maastricht for the academic year of 2022-2023.

If you are reading this assume you might be interested in being the next Secretary and IT Manager of SCOPE Maastricht. But let me quickly explain what this position has to offer to you.

As Secretary, you are together with the President in charge of all the administrative tasks that are happing within SCOPE. This includes the strategic development of SCOPE Maastricht to ensure that we will stay competitive and continue to create value for our members, as well as your task of streamlining the communication externally and internally. Often you will be the first person of contact for many of our stakeholders.

As for the upcoming year my position will be renamed/restructured to Secretary and Development Commissioner you will also have multiple committees that you will manage and work with. Those committees include the Sustainable Business Trip Committee, the Alumni Committee, the IT Committee, the Sustainability Committee, the Maastricht Acquisition Committee as well as the Volunteering Trip Committee. With those committees, you have a variety of projects that you will manage and be responsible for. And with this, we also come to one of my favourite parts of being the Secretary and Development Commissioner, for it's the flexibility that you have to come up with new projects and design your projects the way that you want. Next to that, I also really like the tech tasks that come with the position as you would be in charge of the website, the app, and the databases of SCOPE Maastricht. For me this was a really fun task as you can see your progress and can come up with new ideas on how to make our online presence more efficient.

If you have more questions or want to go for a coffee to talk more about the position as Secretary and Development Commissioner you can reach out to me via, cause trust me there is too much that comes with the position to put in one short text.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Til Kleinertz