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External Relations Commissioner

We are Natalia Nieczypor and Til Kleinertz and we were the External Relations Commissioner Netherlands & International for the academic year 2022-2023. 

As of next year, we have decided to restructure our position into two External relations Commissioners not divided into regions. This way, the external relations are more streamlined: both Externals will have their own set of partner companies, committees, and events that they will be working with. This will also align with our new English-Only language policy.

As the External Relations Commissioners, we are responsible for all the relationships and contact with our partners and companies that want to cooperate with SCOPE and SBE. Since SCOPE Maastricht is increasing in size every year, it is important to have a big network with companies from different industries, countries, and sizes. That is why one of your main tasks will be portfolio management, as your task is to set up a portfolio that represents the interests of students of SBE.

Next to acquiring new partners, you will also be in contact with a lot of companies in order to get them to participate in our trips and events in Maastricht and other countries/cities. Examples of these events are the Maastricht Business Days, the Amsterdam Trading & Fintech Trip, the Frankfurt Banking Tour, and the International Financial/Economic Orientation. Partners are also eager to organise Exclusive Events such as (cocktail) workshops, diners, and in-house days which you will be in charge of. The most fun aspect of this is meeting everyone in person at our events and providing students with many career opportunities.

As the two externals, you will work on the strategic enhancement of the partner's and companies' portfolios and work together with all externals from the committees. Here you make sure that they get training on how to approach companies, provide every committee with a company logbook, and monitor the progress.

All of this might sound serious and scary but this position is a perfect opportunity to enhance your network, and acquire valuable skills in sales & communication. Discover where your interests lie through contact with a great variety of companies and industries. In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us via mail ( or or meet up with (one of) us for a coffee whenever it fits you best. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Natalia Nieczypor and Til Kleinertz