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my name is Jan Offermanns, and for the current academic year, I am happy to be the Vice-President and Career Commissioner of the SCOPE Board. I am 22 years old and in between my 2nd and 3rd year of International Business. After my time as the Treasurer of SCOPE in the previous year (more on that in the Treasurer section - I loved the position!), I decided to join this board full-time, and I am now happy to be leading the career pillar and all of its career committees.

The work of these ambitious committees is centered around connecting students with companies, aimed at providing them with a good network and possibilities to start an internship, trainee program, graduate job, or any other following career step. We are doing so by hosting the Maastricht Business Days in Spring and Autumn every year, as well as numerous trips within and outside of Europe. I am beyond proud to support the committees that are sending participants on different career trips to Singapore, London, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Budapest, Stockholm, and other destinations. For that, I work hand in hand with the committees that are preparing the trip and I try to assist when needed. This reaches from legal questions to creative inputs, from participant selection to website set-up, and from hosting information evenings to recruiting new active members. As you can probably tell by now, no day looks the same!

Next to that, I also took on the role as the current Vice-President of SCOPE, meaning that I assist our president in certain association and board matters. As the job of president entails a lot of legal responsibilities, it is my task to give my input during decision-making and to represent the President when she cannot attend.

Personally, the best part of working as the Career Commissioner is the creativity and the people that are involved. Together with my fellow board members, I am responsible for restructuring, improving or inventing new trips to new destinations or for changing the focus of our career events. I am convinced that together with our Active Members, the Alumni office, the university, our partners, all participating companies, and of course, all participants, we can provide all students with the possibility to get an insight into their career before they finish their studies.


We would be happy to have you as our next Career Commissioner! If you have any questions or want to have an informal chat or coffee with me, please reach out to 

I am looking forward to hearing from you!