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Academic Commissioner

My name is Lara and I am the Academic Commissioner at SCOPE for the 2022-2023 academic year. Here I am in charge of six committees and make sure that all our academic events run smoothly. In order to ensure it, I communicate with our internal and external partners on a daily basis. But let me give you a brief overview of the committees I work with. 


International Economic Orientation & International Financial Orientation

These committees are really fun. Here I organise trips during skills period 6 together with the universities where we will go to far-away countries for two weeks. Together with the committees I organise all operational aspects from flights to hotel stays, social activities and convince companies to join our event. In past, pre-COVID years, we flew to HongKong, Malaysia, Brazil, USA, Canada and many more. 



This is a big event happening in November where we invite a lot of academic speakers to talk about interesting and insightful topics. Together with students, me and the committee organize panel discussions and engaging workshops. In recent years this event has always been a great success and it is very fun to organize. 


Academic Series

This committee is consist of two sub-committee: Academic Workshop and Academic Lecture. Academic Workshop organize personal skills-enhancing workshops every period. This includes workshops coping with Excel,PowerPoint, Influencer Marketing etc. Here, I can organise something creative together with the committee members which is really enjoyable.

Academic Lectures aims at interesting speakers to Maastricht every period to talk about a specific topic. It can go from cryptocurrency to leadership skills.


Community Case Challenge

This is one of SCOPE's newest academic events. After finding 5 local companies currently facing strategic issues, your role is to put them in contact with students previously selected that will act as consultant. This event I mainly focused on coaching so the students have the opportunity to meet with academic and professional coaches. Additionally, it is a joint venture between SBE and SCOPE and here I organize together with a committee of 4 people all operational aspects of this 2 months event.


Business Analytics



I hope that I could give you a little overview of all Academic Events you can organize as the next Academic Commissioner. Of course you also have the freedom to add other interesting academic events to the event portfolio of SCOPE. If you would like to hear more about my daily operations as an Academic Commissioner within the board of SCOPE Maastricht then do not hesitate to reach out to me via mail :)


I look forward to hearing from you