Maastricht Business Days Autumn 2020



The FUNKE Mediengruppe is one of the largest media companies in Germany. FUNKE thrives on the diversity of its products and corporate locations, but above all, on the diversity of its employees. Every day around 1,500 journalists and 4,500 media makers are working for us. They are active at locations all over Germany, yet united in their commitment to deliver top performance. We stand for strong brands on online portals, and in newspapers, magazines, radio and more. With 12 daily newspapers and over 50 magazines, we inspire our readers with both print and digital media. Online job boards, health portals and digital service offerings for small and medium-sized companies are some of the other services offered by our media group. In total, we provide more than 178 online portals and 42 apps. Every day we reach around 42 million unique users and 3.7 million daily newspaper readers. The FUNKE Mediengruppe is one of the leading employers in the digital and print sector of the media industry and offers opportunities for the most diverse talents to enter the professional world, helping them grow and contribute to shaping and inspiring the German media landscape of the future.

Headquarter in Essen, Germany.

The workshop will be held in German.

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