Negotiation Workshop

Do you want to learn more about the negotiation process and how to trade more effectively? Then join us on the 14th of April, via ZOOM, at our new Negotiation Workshop.

In this online course you will be able to learn about:    

  • Situations that you may not have realised were ‘negotiations’
  • What to plan
  • How to feel stronger and more confident
  • What to say, and not say, in the first five minutes
  • How to pitch your opening offer
  • What to do when they make an opening offer
  • What to do if they refuse to negotiate

In addition, you will gain abilities such as:

  • How to get better deals in and outside your work
  • How to save money
  • How to make more profit
  • How to gain confidence in the negotiating process
  • How to have better relationships with clients and suppliers

Our speaker will be Chris Croft, who has come from an Operations background, having started with an Engineering Degree from Cambridge, qualifying as a Chartered Engineer, and working as a senior manager in manufacturing for 10 years. He gained an MBA and worked as a university lecturer for four years before starting his own training company 21 years ago.

He is one of the top-selling and most viewed authors on (with the number one Negotiation Skills course in the world) and on LinkedIn Learning (previously (with 34 courses, 22,000 views a day and 18 million students in total). He has 60,000 followers on LinkedIn and 16,000 on YouTube with 1.7 million views.

His training sessions are known for being both funny and practical.