Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week

Are you a business student, entrepreneur, or just interested in the start-up scene?

Then join us for an exciting week full of interesting entrepreneurs and start-ups! Between the 9th and the 13th of November, you will have the chance to get a taste of the start-up scene and get a peek behind the scenes of being an entrepreneur.

We will present you three interesting start-ups from Berlin. You will also get the opportunity to take part in interesting discussions, workshops and interactive lectures where you can ask questions.

On Monday, 9th of November, we will start off with XBird. The start-up developed an AI-powered process to understand the relationship between a patient’s behaviour, therapy and medical conditions. They provide patients with personalised therapy support in order to improve therapy adherence.

On Tuesday, 10th of November, Paul Schraven from MVP Factory will show you how they reinvented digital consulting by focusing on products. They are a provider for digital product development and support companies from prototyping and design to development and maintenance.

On Wednesday, 11th Of November you will get the opportunity to meet the founder and CEO of  Choco. They developed an app that connects restaurants with their suppliers, allowing both parties to eliminate operational efficiencies and to simplify the ordering process.

On Friday 13th of November, Roy Broersma, operational manager for the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Maastricht University will give a workshop followed by Q&A session for students that are at the very start of their entrepreneurial journey. How do you spot opportunity on today’s market? How to stay creative and ahead of innovation? You have an idea but don’t know where and how to start? If you recognize yourself, this workshop is made for you!

The event will be offered online, via Zoom and is FREE OF CHARGE.

We are looking forward to see you!