RBB Economics Exclusive Event

RBB Economics Exclusive Event (on Zoom)

SCOPE Maastricht starts the first exclusive event this year by bringing RBB economics to your home. The specialised consultancy focuses exclusively on competition law matters. They combine high-quality economic analysis with a wealth of expertise, which makes them able to take on the most complex competition law assignments.

On the 13th of November, there will be an opportunity for you to join an exclusive event with RBB economics. Here you will have the chance to talk to employees and employers from the international operating company, work in groups with other students and contribute your experience and knowledge.

The day is based on Economics and Econometrics students only and is a great opportunity for you to expand your network and maybe score your next internship or even fulltime position. Sign-up now to participate in an exclusive experience directly from your home!

Outline of the session : 

1.       Presentation of RBB Economics

2.       Explain the workshop on an example case study

3.       Assign groups to participants (breakout rooms) and distribute materials

4.       Groups discuss individually and RBB will listen in, give clues and ask for reasoning, etc.

5.       Presentations by the participants

6.       RBBs conclusion