Seminar: Trading with China – heaven or hell for the west?

In the past decades, China has become more and more powerful across the world.  'Made in China' have become the three words so closely associated with this.

For decades, the import of Chinese goods has led to cheap products in the west and growing wealth in China, which has lifted millions of people out of poverty.

However, China is also a country where Winnie-the-Pooh movies are banned. The population of China has different views on topics such as free speech and human rights, in comparison to the west. 

In our seminar we will answer the following question:

Trading with China: heaven or hell for the west?

We will have multiple speakers who will focus on different elements of trading with China and Chinese firms. From the business perspective purely looking at things such as operating in the Chinese market and how to deal with cultural differences, to a broader look at things like the disappearance of manufacturing jobs in the west and potential ethical and moral issues raised by trading with China.

This event is part of the Academic Series events, for which the topic during period 2 is Emerging Markets:

  • Wednesday, the 6th of November: Workshop on Human Rights

  • Thursday, the 14th of NovemberChange My Mind: Ethical Challenges of Doing Business in Africa

  • Tuesday, the 26th of NovemberSeminar: Trading with China: heaven or hell for the West?

By attending two or more of these events, you will receive a SCOPE certificate certifying that you participated in our events, centered around the topic of Emerging Markets this period!

We hope to see you all there!