Panel discussion - Diversity in Leadership

Leadership Panel Discussion - October 2nd

Location: Aula (School of Business and Economics)

Time: 19:00

Whenever somebody has more responsibility than others, it quickly shows if that person doesn’t provoke change or if on the other hand she or he has or develops the ability of focusing a group of people towards a common goal, whatever it may be, and act as a true leader. This can be in sports teams, course projects, politics and of course, in corporate and entrepreneurial settings.

Recently, it has been proven that a more diverse leadership is also instrumental in making the best out of the people and resources an organization has, and that is why we present you a panel discussion with the topic of diversity in leadership.

The event will consist of a 90 minutes discussion between Nathalie Ummels (Refugee Project Maastricht), Nana Addison (founder - Addison Green), Helena Andrea (founder - Just Smile), Elisabeth Kaneza (Kaneza Foundation for Dialogue and Empowerment), guided by our moderator professor Jaap Bos. At the end, half an hour will be reserved for an additional Q&A session.

Join us on the 2nd of October and hear some very interesting views on leadership. We look forward to seeing many of you there!