Maastricht Business Days Autumn 2020


Shaping the media industry of tomorrow – A strategy role play with FUNKE! The media industry is changing rapidly. For some years now, print sales have been declining, putting the industry under pressure. However, digital news formats are on the rise and offer new growth potential. Yet, in contrast to print, online products experience challenges with respect to monetization. Therefore, innovations are necessary to be successful in the future! In this workshop, we want to explore the future of the media industry together, looking at all media products along the product life cycle - from print to digital. For this, we allow you a glimpse behind the scene and give you an in-depth overview of our current product portfolio and the most important developments of our company in recent years. In a subsequent strategic role play, you get the opportunity to apply your knowledge and show initiative as potential future leaders in the media industry! We are looking forward to your ideas and impulses!

This workshop is in German and the duration is 60min (1h).