Maastricht Business Days Autumn 2020

Workshop RWE

Workshop on Wednesday - Spotlight Training "Effective Communication"

As a Consultant at RWE, you will advise the top-management of a leading European energy player. Information exchange on this management level is fast paced: You have to bring across your message and convince the recipient in a short period of time. This holds true for verbal interaction as well as documents you create. In this spotlight training, you will learn the basic principles of effective communication. We will answer the following main questions: What are the elements of effective communication? Which techniques can be used to bring across your message fast, but comprehensively? How do you create a convincing storyline? Learn the ropes and take your first step to become a Management Consultant!

Workshop : 

After a short presentation about our company and career opportunities, Madlen and Julia from HR will give you some tips and tricks for your application process. In the following Q&A, they will be happy to answer all your questions about the RWE Graduate Programmes. Topics can range from development and career opportunities, rotations, application to benefits and more. Also don’t miss the opportunity to get together with our Graduate Michael, an alumni from Maastricht University who started his journey with RWE this year as part of our IT Graduate Programme. He is really excited to answer your questions about his experiences with the application process, the induction week, his planned rotations,…

The duration of the workshop is 60min (1h).