G&A Internal and Skitrip Committee

G&A Internal and Skitrip Committee

The Internal Activities and Ski Trip Committee organises team building and group bonding activities for the G&A Pillar as well as the Ski Trip.
Those activities are events such as walking dinners or the active member weekend, hence this committee is the social glue along with the other internal committees for all SCOPE active members.
Additionally this committee organizes the legendary SCOPE Ski Trip taking place in January every year. The members are responsible for planning and organizing the journey as well as various events taking place during the stay. It is the members’ responsibility to schedule and manage group activities and coordinate the student groups during the trip. Finally yet importantly, the committee enjoys an unforgettable skiing holiday with amazing people that will become friends.

Joining the committee

Selection period

Application for this committee is closed.

  • Lukas Vanhoutte
  • Emiel Konings
  • Gilles Wagner
  • Fabian Dieterich
  • Mia Deffur
  • Jade Ritz