International Financial Orientation

International Financial Orientation

During this study trip 25 top students in the 2nd or 3rd bachelor year, will visit a city that is influential or stands out in the world of finance. The destination is different every year and is decided on, by the committee. Cities which have been visited in previous years are Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, Beijing, Johannesburg, Ho Chi Minh city, and Bangkok. During their visit, several companies will give workshops and presentations related to the theme of the trip. However, not only is there time to visit businesses and observe the business environment present in these cities, it is also a great opportunity to gain insights on and experience the culture. The students on the IFO trip make excursions to must see places and get a taste of the local cuisine. Maastricht University will also actively cooperate and attribute credits to students who participate.

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  • Wilm Imhoff
  • Hannah Buchholz
  • Nicolas Brauch
  • Ymke Van Warmerdam