International Economic Orientation

International Economic Orientation

The International Economic Orientation takes place in an economically significant and influential city, where several visits to companies and social events will be on the agenda. The IEO is well known for going to cities such as Bangkok, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta. Similar to the IFO Committee, you will get the chance to organise a two-week-long event that takes place in a true global city, from scratch. During this two-week trip the students will get a taste of the local business environment and the culture of the destination. Of course, there is also time for fun excursions to must see places and to get a taste of the local cuisine. The biggest difference with the IFO is that the trip revolves less around finance and is more about the global impact that the city and the companies within it make.

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  • Carlo Rose
  • Laura Nikolay
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