Maastricht Business Days - Spring

Maastricht Business Days - Spring

The Maastricht Business Days are the biggest recruitment event in Maastricht. Hosted semi-annually, the Business Days were first organized in 1996 and in 2021 they will be part of the School of Business and Economics’ Career and Development Days. The MBD board consists of six people that are each responsible for a specific part of the organization.

Luca Brablec: External Relations Commissioner
Eline Huijink: External Relations Commissioner Netherlands and International
Lotta Zahn: Operations Commissioner
Luisa von Platen: Operations Commissioner
Caroline Hörmann: Marketing Commissioner
Svenja Nitschke: Chairman & Treasurer

Recruitment period - March 
Estimated average workload
(The average workload is indicated as an estimate for you to have a better idea of which committees are more demanding. Yet, these estimations are subjective and depend on the period and on the person, so they are subject to change).

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