QVARTZ is a management consulting company with global reach and Nordic heritage. We are inspired by people. Big People. People who dare, who have drive and who make a difference. Those who can create impact and move individuals, teams and companies forward. Our civilization currently counts 425 of the kind. The entrepreneurial spirit is an important part of our DNA, and together, we constantly strive to explore new opportunities and help shape the future business of our clients.


Our heritage is Nordic, but with eight offices across Europe, the US and Asia, QVARTZ is a testament to the fact that amazing things can be achieved by a unified, talented and prepared team of Big People.


We are a unique alternative to the standard consulting model, with less dependence on standard methodologies and more emphasis on listening and giving advice based on the client's specific challenges and opportunities as well as our specific insight and experience.

In our work, we emphasize rigorous analysis combined with active implementation support in order to ensure impact and sustainable change – all delivered through pragmatic work processes, but first and foremost by a unified, talented and prepared team of individuals who see consulting as a profession rather than a stepping stone on their career path.


Getting your head around what management consulting is all about can be difficult. To QVARTZ, it all boils down to tackling and solving critical strategic business issues for our clients while at the same time engaging and mobilizing client organizations. Being a good management consultant is not only about having a black belt in problem-solving. It is equally important to be able to understand your client's business and culture and to be able to work with and motivate different personality types in different team structures