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About P5COM

We help organizations to keep performing better. That makes it paramount to take effective account of the defining characteristics of each sector and the strong and weak points of every organization, while consistently upholding our own professional principles. The main ones are set out below. They are connected to the 5 P's behind our name: profitability, personalism, professionalism, profoundness and pragmatism.

Our people - each and everyone of them - are experts at finding practicable solutions to complex issues and getting employees involved in change. That's exactly who you need to make your organization perform better for the long term.

Help us to build on something special!

Eager to join our team? Have a look at our vacancies, and read more about speculative job applications:

10 reasons to work for P5COM:

  • You'll have pleasant, smart and driven colleagues who are fun to be around as well. Could come in handy in a tough project!
  • Feeling lost on a project? No need for that. Your colleagues and the management are always there if you need some advice. And to respect your own responsibility: they won't do your job for you.
  • You'll be allowed time for personal development. We don't expect you to develop in a pre-defined direction; we do expect you to develop in the direction that is right for you.
  • You'll be put to the test and face challenges. It will be a continuous learning process.
  • And P5COM will encourage you to make the most out of yourself.
  • Hard to say no to a challenge? At P5COM, we appreciate that and give you the support you need.
  • Catching up on news and learning from one another. That takes regular time together with you colleagues: training days, partner days, and Christmas dinner.
  • Feel like locking horns about a difficult issue? You are always welcome. Even with the management, because the lines are short.
  • You'll work on a wide variety of projects at different kinds of organizations large and small.
  • You'll feel at home at P5COM at no time.