About Numidia

Numidia is established in 2011 in the Netherlands and is a specialized trading company in the worldwide dairy industry (food and feed market). Numidia can rely on an extended international network of customers, suppliers and business partners. The main focus is the worldwide purchase and sales of standard dairy products (commodities) like: butter, cheese, powders and liquids. 

The current and future dairy market requires expert knowledge about markets, products and price instruments. Numidia has recognized the need of professional intermediaries who can guide users as well as producers to a win-win situation. The company agreed with the relevant market players to represent them in various key markets.

The Numidia philosophy is based on openness and transparency towards producers, buyers and other stakeholders of the company, by giving full disclosure about the related activities and information. Furthermore, Numidia provides international market information and expert product and supply chain knowledge.

The directors of Numidia have a proven record in dairy commodity trade. The knowledge and experience on a director level, gained in the last decade, is the basis for success of Numidia. Each director has his own specific capabilities and knowledge which creates a broad but focused scope of the company.

There is a strong focus on teamwork and cooperation. Numidia adds value (commercial, logistics, financial and administrative) for our suppliers and our customers. With them and our employees we want to establish a long term relationship. The organization currently exists of 58 people and realized a turnover of 356 million euro in 2017. 

The company has offices in Herten (NL), Singapore, Melbourne (AUS), Montevideo (UYU) and Dallas (USA).