About InterWorks

The Company - Knowing where you came from is essential to staying true to who you are. This is exceedingly true of companies. What started in 1996 has evolved into a global data consulting firmwith a multi-national team of industry experts.

What makes InterWorks different?

It could be our relentless commitment to providing the absolute highest-quality of work to our clients. It might even be the extremely sharp people we employ. Perhaps our unique company culture centered on continual learning and fun has something to do with it. The truth is that all of these factors make us different from your typical tech company. We're here to tell you - different means better.

People - This is the big one. Everything InterWorks is, has been or will be comes down to the people who work here. They’re the cornerstone of our business. Together, they boast expertise from virtually every industry and corner of the business world. Without question, InterWorks employees are the most talented, friendly and interesting individuals out there. We strongly emphasize the interesting part. Each individual is very much their own person, but what’s more amazing is how well they work with each other. We go well beyond team at InterWorks and view our InterWorkers as family.

Culture - If people are the cornerstone of our business, then culture is the mortar that holds everything together.

InterWorks'culture was founded on the simple idea of doing work we love, all while having fun. This is in sharp contrast to the stuffy, cookie-cutter culture found in so many businesses today. Ours is more than just a counterculture, though; it’s built around hard work, constant innovation and tireless dedication to quality.

Careers - What's the secret to InterWorks continued growth and success? We keep hiring the best people.

Growth is something that’s always been organic at InterWorks, never forced. We’re not going to hire just everyone; we’re looking for people who can help us become truly better off than we were before hiring them. We’re looking for difference makers. Do you think you have what it takes? Then take a look at what we have to offer.

I'm looking for a career in consultancy - WELL, HELLO! We're always on the lookout for new people who would fit here. We’re a tough company to get into, but the rewards for you and your career are without comparison … if you are the right person.

Here are a few things to consider, see if these describe you:

I want to work for some of the most recognizable companies in the world. We can get you there. Maybe you want to work for ALL OF THEM? We can do that, too. We actually like it that way.

I want to live/work/play in a certain place (The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, etc.), but I'm not there now. We can help. We WANT to help. We have amazing things going on just about everywhere, let us know what you are thinking about. Of course, if you already live/work/play exactly where you want to be, we're still excited to hear from you.

I want to be respected and recognized as the person that will save the day. This is us, no doubt. If you like being the person that will dive into a problem and fix your way out, then move on…that's exactly what we do.

I want to learn more and more (and more), growing my career in tech business consulting. You'll learn more in a year than most people get to learn in a decade. We love diving into the newest technology and love fully dismantling the existing methods, you'll be a part of projects you didn't even know existed in the wild.