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Boston Consulting Group, Amsterdam


About Boston Consulting Group, Amsterdam

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global leader in Strategy Consulting. BCG provides high quality advice aimed at sustainable competitive advantage for its clients, this advice is groundbreaking and business specific. The projects, which are always carried out in teamwork with the client, range from pricing strategies to digital optimisation, from growth strategies to innovation. BCG advises from different Practice Areas such as Climate & Sustainability, Energy, Consumer Goods, Private Equity, Industrial Goods, High Technology & Digital. The advice is always based on fact-based quantitative analysis. 

BCG's clients are multinational corporations and top tier corporate executives. BCG is the fastest growing strategic consulting firm in the Netherlands. Consultants are both team players and independent thinkers, both creative and structured, both rationally and emotionally intelligent. BCG offers excellent international training programmes and extensive personal career guidance: the ideal working environment to get the most out of yourself.

We offer opportunities throughout the year to get to know BCG. See here for more information about our events. 

In addition, as an intern you can be part of a case team for two to four months. When you graduate, you can apply for our Associate position.