About Boels

About Boels Rental

Boels Rental is one of the most renowned rental companies in Europe where the rental of machines, tools, units and catering and event equipment is concerned.

Over the years we have grown to more than 350 branches in 10 countries and over 2400 DIY outlets in 14 countries. The enormous expansion of activities is based on autonomous growth as well as a number of strategic acquisitions and has resulted in a doubling of turnover every five years. This makes Boels Rental one of the fastest growing rental companies in the world.

Boels, for nearly all your rental needs. First and foremost, Boels Rental is a generalist, but has done its best throughout the years to set up its own specialised divisions. For example, Boels Rental has 10 divisions that focus on site construction, which specialise in anything related to construction lifts or rent out units for temporary accommodation. Boels wants to be more to construction companies than just a supplier. The aim is to develop business relationships into partnerships in which Boels provides a one-stop shopping service for all plant-hire requirements.

For nearly thirty years, Boels has also been renting out all the props and requisites needed to make every party a success, ranging from designer furniture, decorative items and perfectly arranged table dressing to buffet systems and professional kitchen equipment. The Portable Kitchens division supplies portable kitchens, cooling units and kitchen equipment to hotels, hospitals, the army or big events.

In addition, Boels Rental has been working with renowned DIY chains in the Netherlands and other countries for more than 15 years. DIY stores want to stand out through service. Machinery and tool rental plays an important role in this respect. Nowadays, Boels has rental points in more than 2400 DIY stores.

Machine rental is and remains the core business of Boels Rental. From over 350 locations (branches) in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Slovakia rents Boels the most modern and latest machines and tools. Naturally, the rental assortment is constantly expanded and supplemented, which means customers can always work with the best available equipment and with a comprehensive range of products geared specifically to their needs. By arranging the product range according to speciality, Boels can coordinate its product knowledge and services even better. Boels has specialised divisions for project advice and assistance related to Construction Equipment, Aerial Platforms, Lifting and Materials Handling, Site Preparation, Site Accommodation, Construction Hoists, Geo & Safety, Power, Rail Equipment, Climate Control and Concrete Processing.

Our search

To guarantee our position as frontrunner and to realise our growth ambitions for the near future,

we are continuously on the lookout for young talent. Diamonds in the rough who are willing to ‘start from scratch', operate outside their comfort zone and invest in themselves. The reward: a challenging job with long-term career prospects.


Our opportunities

Have you almost completed your studies and do you have the drive, ambition and potential to get the most out of yourself? Then we would love to hear from you. We have the positions available in the Financial, Technical (engineering), Operational and Sales fields. From Fleet Operations to Finance, from Human Resources to Real Estate Management and from Marketing Intelligence to IT.


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