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Marketing Commissioner

My name is Carlos and I am the Marketing Commissioner in the 2021-2022 board of SCOPE Maastricht. As a Marketing Commissioner I get to show my creativity and strategic planning skills every day. But let me explain to you what I do on a day-to-day basis.

In my duty as a Marketing Commissioner I work together with two committees that also determine the work that I have to do. Firstly, I work closely together with the Marketing Public Relations (PR) committee to plan and schedule all LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram posts we bring out to the public. Therefore, this part of my work mostly involves analytical thinking and strategic decision making in order to coordinate in a clever way when we publish what. 

Once we figured what to post when I get in touch with my second committee, the Graphic Design (GD) committee. Together with this committee I work on all designs for our Social Media posts, brochures etc. on InDesign. This part of my work is great fun since I can show my creative side here.

Therefore, if you enjoy being creative and like to combine this with strategic decision-making, then this position is perfect for you. Of course you can also book a coffe chat with me so that we can talk about every aspect in person, trust me, there are way more aspects ;). Book your coffee chat here.


I look forward to meeting you


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