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Are you looking for a new challenge? Then a board or pillar coordinator position may be for you!

In these uncertain times you may not know if your exchange, internship or traineeship will go as planned after the summer. However, one thing is certain, there will be a board of SCOPE! Embark on this challenge and learn hands on what it is like to manage such a large organization during such times. The learning curve has never been steeper.

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  • Jonathan Rusch, President                                                                           -
  • Mathilde Lallemand, Secretary / IT Manager & VP                                  -
  • Julia Steijn, Treasurer                                                                                   -
  • Elise Abraham, Academic activities commissionner                               -
  • Nora Dorsman, Career activities commissionner                                    -
  • Ruby de Witte, Internal activities commissionner                                    -
  • Marlouke Zandbelt, External relations Netherlands                                -
  • Lukas Vanhoutte, External relations International                                   -
  • Aisha Clement, Marketing commissionner                                              -


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