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This is the application form for becoming a board member or pillar coordinator in the board of SCOPE Maastricht.

Please fill in the form below to apply for a position as a board member or pillar coordinator.

The deadline to hand in your application is on Friday, the 22nd of March at 23:59!

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Below you can indicate for which full time or part time position(s) you would like to apply. If you apply for a full time position, you will have a full time obligation to your job and you will take a break from your studies for one year. If you apply for a part time position, you will continue your studies and do your job next to university.


Please upload your motivation letter in which you outline why you are interested in becoming a board member or pillar coordinator in general as well as why you apply for the specific position(s). The motivation letter for the full time positions should be approximately two pages long. The motivation letter for the part time positions should be approximately one page long.


If you do not have a CV yet and you are unsure how to begin, you can use our CV template provided below:

SCOPE CV Template

Grade list

Below, you can upload your current grade list.